Castellón is an unknown jewel for many tourists, both national and foreign, but we assure you that it has nothing to envy from other more popular places in the Valencian Community.

Castellón is home to some of the most beautiful rural and coastal destinations in Spain.

The capital, Morella, Peñíscola and Vilafamés undoubtedly deserve to be described as spectacular. The best tourist routes through these places are those that enter the old town parts, those that ooze charm in all its corners. Discover monuments of great architectural value and get lost in the alleys and the most representative buildings.

During our guided tours we will show you some of the most beautiful corners and propose you different itineraries through the essential places to visit.

Tourism in Castellón

Castellón’s past is full of castles, Templars and fishermen and that is why today it is one of the most popular tourist destinations. It is a province that evokes unique sensations that only the Mediterranean can provoke. For this reason, Castellón is known as the Costa del Azahar, in honor of the delicate orange blossom and its cultivation par excellence throughout the province.

One of the most curious buildings you can visit thanks to our guided tours is the Planetarium. This building was inaugurated on 8th May 1991, and has become one of the favorite spots for the popularization of science in the Valencian Community. Located in the Grao area, it does not go unnoticed by any tourist due to its enormous white dome, 25 meters high.

Inside, there are several rooms that are used to hold exhibitions and conferences on astronomy and science. In addition, an impressive Foucault pendulum presides over the hall of the building, a curious object that serves to demonstrate the rotation of the Earth.

Guided tours in the province of Castellón

Tourist routes Morella

Morella, a city worthy of kings. The amazing wall that surrounds the city is a real explosion for the eyes of the visitor. Morella has an imposing landscape, crowned in the heights by an overwhelming castle of more than a thousand meters high.

Morella is the perfect destination for a rural trip, and idyllic place to spend a few days of disconnection and the best option is to discover this little jewel with the help of our official guides.

The Church of Santa María la Mayor is another architectural monument that must be visited. In Gothic and Renaissance style, its construction began in the 13th century but did not end until the 16th century. You can access the temple crossing a façade that has two doors of an impressive sculptural level, the Apostles and the Virgins.

Its interior, divided into three areas, is the refuge of a precious spiral staircase that connects the choir with the impressive altar piece that is situated on the main altar in Churrigueresque style.

You cannot miss our guided tours through a place capable of seducing anyone thanks to its history, its tradition and its surroundings.

Guided tours in Peñíscola

Peñíscola is a must when you visit the Valencian Community. Iberians, Greeks, Carthaginians, Romans, Byzantines and Arabs have all passed though its streets, so you can immerse yourself in our guided tours and learn about curiosities from all the different cultures. A Templar city dominated by its monumental castle, one of the most famous fortresses in the worlds due to the fact that it has served as a stage on numerous occasions in the popular series Game of Thrones.

During our journey to the castle, you will be enthralled by one of the most unique and spectacular façade that exists: the Casa de las Pechinas is completely decorated with shells. Afterwards, you can reach the Lighthouse, which dates back to 1892, and enjoy unbeatable panoramic views.

Another wonder is the Bufador, a peculiar 6-metre hole formed naturally in the rocks, allowing seawater to pass through. When there is a storm or a strong swell you can even hear a curious howl, hence its name, which is so characteristic of the sound that the waves make when they break. If you decide to sign up for our guided tours, we assure you that the Bufador will be an obligatory stop. And if you would like to learn more about life at sea, don’t forget to come with us to the Museo de la Mar.

Of course, you cannot leave Peñíscola without visiting Sierra de Irta, located on the south coast. For nature lovers, walking through its Natural Park can be one of the most enriching experiences.

Guided tours in Vilafamés

Vilafamés is possibly on the best kept treasures in the Valencian Community, and it has even been declared an Asset of Cultural Interest in 2015. This small village located in the interior of Castellón is the perfect choice if you want to enjoy a place with charm and tranquility.

You can sign up for our guided tours and discover its spectacular old town with our official guides. Take a quiet walk from its castle at the top to the small church at its feet, while you walk through its narrow streets that take us back to its Arab origins.

Undoubtedly, the greatest attraction offered by our guided tours is to see with your own eyes what is known as Roca Grossa: an impressive mass of stone weighing no less than 2,163 tons and 832 cubic meters. To go unnoticed for this wonderful geological formation is unthinkable. Furthermore, a well-know legend says that by touching this giant stone, you can make three wishes of which only one will be granted.

Don’t miss this opportunity to marvel at these unknown places, but so worthy of being called spectacular. Join us on our guided tours and discover Castellón with the best professionals in the tourism sector.

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