Mònica Segura Garcia
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I'm in
Forcall, Morella, Herbers
I speak
Valencià, English, Castellano

I work with passion in Els Ports and its surroundings, a historic frontier land, a place from which the Kingdom of Valencia began to be conquered throughout the thirteenth century, a meeting point, a welcome point, a struggle for justice and survival, protagonist of great historical events of our country throughout the centuries. Land of luminous skies and starry nights in which the stories of the past continue to beat.

I invite you to live unique and different experiences visiting corners frozen in time, full of history and legends, and enjoy the traditional products of the place and the environment in which they are produced. I will bring you to rare, unknown enclaves, to savor the opportunity to live magical moments.

Will you come with me?

    Please contact us for any questions or suggestions.

    Please contact with us for any questions or suggestions.


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