Javier Morales Ayela
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Valencià, English, Castellano

Hi, my name is Javier Morales and I am an official tour guide of the Valentian Community.

I consider myself as a versatile and curious individual with a positive attitude and a multidisciplinary background.

I have professional experience in different fields but always oriented to provide the highest rates of satisfaction to my customers.

I have a C1 level of English and a long trajectory working abroad and with people from different nationalities.

On my tours you won’t get an avalanche of dates and historic facts as in a history class. I rather prefer to use anecdotes, histories and elements that will aid to the visitor to be able to locate on the spot through the different ages, as well as provide an entertaining and enriching experience.

I also have knowledge in off the usual activities like themed tours, dark tourism, gastronomic experiences, …

In general, my target is to transmit the passion I feel for my land.

    Please contact us for any questions or suggestions.

    Please contact with us for any questions or suggestions.

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