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My name is Carlos Villanueva López, I have a degree in Art History at the University of Valencia, and an official guide of the Valencian Community in Italian, Valencian and Spanish (nº 799).

From 2005 to the present I am working as a guide, making guided tours on foot and by bicycle (by the historic center of Valencia or by the City of Arts and Science) and in different museums and monuments (San Miguel de los Reyes, the Baths of the Admiral or the Fallero Museum.)


I define myself as passionate about my land, Valencia, its history and traditions, its city, where I was born, where I live and enjoy my day-to-day work. There is a motto that I read long ago and I identify with him: “When you work for and for your land and what you like, you notice and you work better”, and I can say that I have the pleasure to realize it, to work of what is my vocation and in my land.




    Please contact us for any questions or suggestions.

    Please contact with us for any questions or suggestions.

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